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You can truly add bookmarks to point time tourist attractions in videos or audio clip. Utilize bookmarks as a way to trigger animated graphics or even leap to a specific location in videos.

Bookmarks are of help when, while delivering a presentation, you need to use them to assist you discover specific points in a video (or audio video) quickly.

In the picture below, see an example of a bookmark we added to suggest the time where we shall cut the beginning of an audio clip.

Include a bookmark

    Insert videos or sound clip to a fall.

    Inside sound or movie controls underneath the sound or video clip, press play (arrow on the far remaining of the control interface).

    Suggestion: Given that sound or movie plays, seek out points of interest.

    To indicate a point of great interest, do the following:

      If you should be working together with a video clip clip, under movie Tools, regarding the Playback loss, in the Bookmarks team, simply click Add Bookmark.

      If you are dealing with an audio clip, under Audio Tools, from the Playback loss, in the Bookmarks team, mouse click include Bookmark.

    To reduce your clip, see Trim a video clip or Trim a sound clip .

Eliminate a bookmark

      If you should be working with videos clip, under Video Tools, in the Playback loss, in Bookmarks team, mouse click Pull Bookmark.

      If you're dealing with a sound clip, under Audio Tools, on the Playback tab, in Bookmarks team, click Remove Bookmark.

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