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Beginning FoxClocks

Start FoxClocks by picking ‘FoxClocks’ through the Tools selection. As an alternative, double-click any statusbar/toolbar time clock.

You can use Ctrl+Shift+Q to start FoxClocks, and Ctrl/Command+W to shut it.

Principal FoxClocks Window

Zone Picker
The Zone Picker tree lets you search most the world’s time zones by geographic area. (at present non-English variations of FoxClocks have a slightly less versatile Zone Picker – develop to address this shortly.) Expand a continent to browse nations or cities because continent. The Zone Picker additionally shows every time zone’s present offset from GMT (Greenwich mean-time). Double-click on a zone for lots more detail by detail information.

Note: the Zone Picker includes time zones, instead of locations. Enough time area ‘Europe->Cities->Moscow’, including, is the appropriate time zone the areas Moscow and St. Petersburg. You might utilize the area ‘Europe->Countries->Russia->Moscow+00 – W Russia’.

The Watchlist shows your chosen areas and their existing local time. Double-click a location to open its . Make use of the space bar to show/hide an area’s statusbar/toolbar time clock.

The order regarding the locations into the Watchlist determines your order of one's clocks within the statusbar/toolbar. It is possible to replace the order using the ‘Move Up’ and ‘Move Down’ buttons, or perhaps you by sorting by area name or existing regional time.

Add/Remove Buttons
Click ‘Add’ to incorporate zone(s) selected inside to your . Title regarding the brand new place(s) derive from the zone name(s): in the event that you find the zone ‘Asia->Cities->Shanghai’, the positioning ‘Shanghai’ will likely be included with the Watchlist.

Click ‘Remove’ to remove the chosen place(s) from your own Watchlist.

‘Add as…’ switch
Click ‘Add as…’ to incorporate a custom area on the basis of the area chosen when you look at the . The will open, enabling you to personalize the place’s name, styling and latitude and longitude (this allows FoxClocks to start the area in Google planet). Like, you might find the area ‘Americas->Countries->Canada->Eastern Time->Ontario’, and specify title ‘Ottawa’ (or ‘Home’). The place ‘Ottawa’ will appear inside, and its own regional time will likely be computed relating to Canada’s Eastern Time Zone rules.

Move Up/Down Buttons
Make use of these buttons to modify the order regarding the Watchlist. Your order for the watchlist determines your order of your clocks on statusbar/toolbar. Alternatively, you are able to sort by place name or time by hitting the appropriate line going in Watchlist.

Importing/Exporting Settings
It is possible to transfer and export FoxClocks configurations from the ‘File’ menu. This can be helpful for configuring FoxClocks for multiple people, or even for moving your options from 1 computer system to a different.

Location Properties Window

Open up the Location Properties window by double-clicking on any location within Watchlist.

Pick this loss to modify the area’s name, latitude and longitude. Latitude and longitude are optional.

Show Tab

Use the ‘Display’ tab to choose when you should show the location’s time clock. As an example, you can configure less frequently employed clocks to seem only in the tooltip (in other words. once you mouseover a clock into the statusbar). Checkboxes permit you to style the clock (e.g. you can display neighborhood amount of time in bold). You are able to use a custom colour toward clock, and put an alternate color during certain hours (e.g. green from 9am to 5pm, regional time).

Options Window

Start the Options window from Tools selection in the primary FoxClocks screen, or by right-clicking on any clocks inside statusbar/toolbar.

Time Structure Tab
Make use of this loss to personalize your clocks’ platforms. You are able to apply platforms to clocks however FoxClocks screen, clocks in the statusbar/toolbar or clocks within the statusbar/toolbar tooltip.

Standard Platforms
Utilize the standard formats drop-down menu available one of several standard time platforms.

Custom Structure
If not one associated with standard time platforms tend to be ideal, use the customized format location generate a custom time format. Make use of the drop-down menus alongside each key to incorporate time elements (example. ‘hours, in 24-hour format’) to your custom structure. You will notice a preview of customized format build up as you add each component.

Instead, you can easily modify the format right inside ‘Format’ box.

it is worth investigating each drop-down menu to see what’s offered – custom platforms have become effective.

Position and Style Tab
Use the ‘Display in’ radio buttons to show your clocks (or perhaps the FoxClocks icon) inside statusbar or in a toolbar.

Note: the first occasion you decide to show your clocks in a toolbar, you need to start the ‘Customize Toolbar’ palette by right-clicking on a single associated with toolbars (example. regarding the ‘Refresh’ button’) and selecting ‘Customize…’; after that drag the FoxClocks symbol through the palette onto any toolbar.

Utilize the ‘Display as’ radio buttons to produce either multiple clocks or the FoxClocks icon. The symbol view are a good idea if you should be in short supply of desktop computer space; hover the mouse within the icon within the statusbar/toolbar to produce clocks configured to exhibit inside statusbar/toolbar tooltip.

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