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How to make a backup content of my Internet Explorer bookmarks?

Making a backup of the web browser 9 bookmarks or "Favorites" (sic) is vital, specially in case you need certainly to utilize the N:Drive fix energy [improve IT providers IE hyperlinks]. Happily, carrying this out is relatively fast and painless.

With Internet Explorer 9 open

  • Click on the star symbol to gain access to the preferences menu, the click on the down arrow beside the enhance Favorites switch to grow the preferences menu. Simply click Import and Export.
import and export preferences
  • In the Import/Export options dialog package, click Export to a file, and click Next
  • Select the preferences check box, then click Next
  • Find the folder from where you would like to save your self the bookmarks (or simply just select Favorites to export them all) and then click Next
  • Select the folder into which you would like to save your valuable preferences. Automagically, Internet Explorer exports to a file called bookmark.htm in your papers folder - mouse click close to take the standard
  • click Export
  • Click Finish

Rebuilding your bookmarks with this back-up file is a tremendously similar treatment; the sole significant huge difference becoming that in step 2. above you really need to choose Import from a file.

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