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Firstly sorry to whoever ended up being anticipating much more regular articles after the re-launch of my blog site.

At present I am having some refurbishments done to my level (level = apartment, when it comes to Americans available to you) and therefore my home life is very hectic. I have no home (which also suggests no range) and maybe even worse, no heated water. My small family (my wife, my girl and myself) you live out-of just two little areas. To make issues more serious my girl has received a fever the past few days.

Anyway, right back on subject. I had in the pipeline for my after that post to be another Extensions Highlight. Maybe about extensions that replace the Bookmark Manager but before I do that I really want to explore Bookmarking and Opera 15+ much more generally. Therefore right here we go…

Three forms of Bookmarks

You have heard the brand new Opera does not support bookmarks but that does not tell the complete tale and it isn't totally true. In reality, we've three cool features that enable one to save the areas of websites and pages (essentially the purpose of Bookmarking). Those functions tend to be:

  • Speed Dial
  • Stash
  • History Bookmarking (Bar and Extension API)

Why three? Because each acts a slightly different function, concerning the other ways where folks make use of and store the area of helpful pages.

Speed Dial

A lot of people only see a number of sites on a regular basis and Speed Dial was built to accomodate this. Since these internet sites are known to an individual, their particular position on the Speed Dial and their particular thumbnail are usually all that is required to quickly find any conserve web site.

In person, i believe that having only a few favourite sites kept is where the concept is best suited however it enables you to store much more, therefore the search help and power to catagorise via files.


Before we move ahead, it would appear that not everyone is aware to focus Speed Dial search via Ctrl+F (or ⌘+F on Mac) to quickly find a certain Speed Dial by title or URL. This can be quite useful in the event that you do have loads kept here, and this shortcut additionally deals with the Stash web page.


Unlike Speed Dial, which typically represents a user's favourite sites, Stash is more like a resource for noteworthy

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