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This article ended up being initially posted on February 2, 2009 and is now being updated to make clear the concept and update the data for contemporary browsers.

RGBa is a way to declare a shade in CSS that includes alpha transparency help. It looks such as this:

div { background: rgba(200, 54, 54, 0.5); }

This allows united states to fill places with clear shade; the initial thee figures representing the color in RGB values additionally the 4th representing a transparency price between 0 and 1 (zero becoming fully transparent and another being fully opaque). We have very long had the opacity residential property, which is similar, but opacity causes all decendant elements to additionally become transparent and there's no chance to battle it (except unusual positional hacks) Cross-browser opacity can also be a little careless.

With RGBa, we can make a package transparent and leave its descendants alone:

Declaring a fallback color

Not totally all browsers support RGBa, so if the design allows, you ought to declare a "fallback" color. This color will be most likely be solid (fully opaque). Perhaps not declaring a fallback suggests no shade is going to be applied in browsers that do not support it. This fallback does fail in certain actually old browsers.

div { background: rgb(200, 54, 54); /* The Fallback */ background: rgba(200, 54, 54, 0.5); }

Browser Help for RGBa

Browser, Version, System Outcome Fallback Mozilla Firefox 3.x (or over) Works - Mozilla Firefox 2.x (and down) Fails Solid-color Google Chrome (any version) Works - WebKit - Safari 3.x (and up) Works - WebKit - Safari 2.x (and down) Does Not Work Properly - Mobile Safari (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad) Works - Opera 10.x (or over) Works - Opera 9.x (and down) Fails Solid-color web browser 9 Preview Works - Internet Explorer 8 (down seriously to 6) Doesn't Work Solid Color Internet Explorer 5.5 (and down) Does Not Work Properly No Color Netscape (any variation) Fails Solid Color BlackBerry Storm Browser Works -

A far better fallback for IE

UPDATE: As revealed by a few people, the alpha value must be the two digits in the very beginning of the sequence maybe not the conclusion, and so I've updated the rule above becoming correct. (example. startColorstr=#50990000 maybe not startColorstr=#99000050)

DIFFERENT MODIFY: we are through the stage where you probably will never need to utilize filter gradients once more. But nonetheless, evidently the initial two digits ("50" above) is not 50per cent. You need to make use of "hexadecimal". As written in my experience by Julio Loayza:

rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5) would not be equivalent to (startColorstr=#50FFFFFF, endColorstr=#50FFFFFF)
rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5) will be equivalent to (startColorstr=#7FFFFFFF, endColorstr=#7FFFFFFF)

00 is transparent and FF opaque. Listed here is the full mapping:

100percent — FF
95% — F2
90% — E6
85percent — D9
80% — CC
75per cent — BF
70per cent — B3
65percent — A6
60% — 99
55percent — 8C
50percent — 80
45per cent — 73
40per cent — 66
35% — 59
30per cent — 4D
25percent — 40
20% — 33
15percent — 26
10percent — 1A
5per cent — 0D
0per cent — 00

Other Examples

Background picture noticeable through dark material areasBorder for the facebox plug-in utilizes RGBa bordersRGBa galore on 24 means

Color Variations

In the place of needing to remember or look up a lot of different hex values for tones of grey, you are able to just utilize RGBa to modify pure black to a color that works e.g. rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); That is, presuming transparency is cool for long lasting application is (perfect for shadows, not perfect for text). Need not be black either obviously, you could make a complete monochromatic color system with any color in this manner.

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