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web browser ScreenshotOffice 2003 programs, like Microsoft keyword, have an innovative new 'analysis' Task Pane that enables you to lookup words in an internet dictionary by just holding ATL and pressing upon them. It is an extremely useful function of term as even though the results are retrieved on the internet these are typically shown inside the keyword Task Pane. And word meanings, the study Task Pane may show synonyms from Microsoft's online thesaurus as well as snippets of Encarta Encyleopeadia articles.

Recently I found that this analysis Task Pane is also obtainable in ie as an 'Explorer club'. I suppose you need to have Microsoft Office 2003 installed to be able to access the Research club in web browser. Once you've enabled the function you'll lookup any word on any webpage by holding ALT and simply clicking to it. This will be really fast and efficient due to the fact meanings and other answers are exhibited inside the Explorer bar and you're not taken up to another web site.

ie analysis Bar ScreenshotYou will have to make the following actions to enable the study Explorer club:

You can enable the analysis Explorer club for those who have workplace 2003 installed on your desktop. Simply start ie and open up the View menu. Then open the Explorer club submenu and select analysis.

ALT + V, E, R

Out of this point on when you hold ALT and then click on a word on any website a definition for the term will show up in Explorer Bar. The width of the Explorer Bar can be adjusted to stop pages from disappearing off the side of the screen.

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