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For reasons uknown just known to Facebook, they have been constantly wanting to force “Top Stories” on individuals. Many people, myself included, want to see a feed of revisions because they take place – the “Most current” feed. In The newest versions regarding the Twitter app for mobile (Spring 2014 at the time of writing) the key feast upon the software is obviously “Top Stories”.

“Most current” continues, however it’s rather concealed. On this page I’ll demonstrate where its in Android application and exactly how to favourite it so that it’s much easier to reach.

Step 1

To find “Most current” click on the “hamburger” symbol into the top right associated with the application. Then scroll down unless you achieve the area entitled “Feeds”. The Very First item here are “Most Recent”. Keep in mind where it is for later on!


Scroll more down unless you get to the “help & configurations” part. Visit “Edit Favorites”.

Step Three

Scroll support to in which we’d found “Most Present” and press the celebrity symbol. A question will pop up asking if you genuinely wish to get this to a favorite. Of course you will do! Therefore say yes…

Step Four

Scroll right up towards top to the “Favourites” section. You’ll see a lot of “hamburger” icons to the right. Press and contain the hamburger regarding the “Most Recent” row and pull the line to just beneath “News Feed”

Action 5

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