6. Click once on the Bookmarks

Bookmarks files

Nautilus file manager
Bookmarks appear in the bottom left pane of Nautilus.

Now that we've brought the GUI into the picture, let's see how bookmarks are handled there. There are a couple of ways you can add bookmarks to Nautilus. The first is with a keyboard shortcut. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the location you want to bookmark
  2. Press the [Ctrl]+[D] key combination
  3. Check the lower left pane to make sure the bookmark appears

That's it.

You can also use the GUI like so:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner
  2. Select Bookmark This Location

Moving bookmarks

Let's say the location of a bookmark has changed or you just want to re-order the bookmarks as displayed in Nautilus. To manage this, open up Nautilus and then click File | Bookmarks. From within this new window (Figure B), you can rename bookmarks, re-locate bookmarks, and re-order the bookmarks as they appear in the bottom left pane of the file manager.

Figure B

The Nautilus Bookmarks window is where you can manage current bookmarks.

Renaming a bookmark only changes the human-readable name that appears in the file manager. To do this, select one of your bookmarks from the Bookmarks window and then change the Name field to reflect exactly what you want it to be. There is no need to "save, " because the changes are automatic.

From that same window, you can re-order the bookmarks as they are seen in Nautilus. This is done by simply selecting the bookmark (in the Bookmarks window) and then clicking either the up or down arrow (depending upon how you want the bookmark to move) until the bookmark is in the correct location. Again, no saving is necessary.

Finally, you can re-locate a bookmark in this window. If you've moved your Documents folder from ~/Documents to /media/DATA/Documents and you want the bookmark to reflect this, just open the Bookmarks window, select that particular bookmark, and change the path (no saving necessary).

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