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How to Google sync?

You can view your Google connections on other products, together with your iPhone. Whenever you produce, edit, or delete your Google connections, those changes sync with all the current devices you employ your associates on.

Sync associates together with your iPhone or iPad

  1. Visit your product's Settings app.
  2. Touch Connections AccountsAdd Account Bing.
  3. Tap Following.
  4. Switch "connections" on. If you see a pop-up, choose whether you intend to hold or erase current connections on the product if your wanting to sync Google Contacts.
  5. At the very top, tap protect.
  6. To begin syncing, start your Contacts software.

Connections are not syncing

If you’re having issues syncing your Google Contacts, decide to try these steps:

  1. Open the Settings software.
  2. Touch ContactsAccounts.
  3. Tap your CardDAV account.
  4. Switch "Contacts" on.
  5. Tap Account Advanced.
  6. Switch "Utilize SSL" on.
  7. To truly save your changes, faucet Account Done.

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