Save a bookmark to home screen

How to save Google Chrome bookmarks?

Step 1 Backup Bookmarkonly spend 2-3 min some time read, it saves you sufficient of TIME for any other things.

In the last action i have tv show how to retain supported bookmarks.

Check out the tips to Backup Or import/export bookmarks below ...

Procedures to back up bookmarks in Google Chrome :

Step 1 : head to Google chrome > Customize and Control Google chrome.

2 : back-up Bookmarks
Backup Bookmark : 1

2 : Hover on Bookmarks alternative > click bookmarks supervisor .


Press Ctrl+Shift+O tips in chrome, you are going to right away be
taken fully to bookmarks Import/Export selection.

Backup Bookmark : 2

3 : select Organize > then on Export/Import bookmarks as HTML file.
step three : Backup bookmarks
Step three : straight back bookmarks
Step : After that select from window, locations to save your valuable bookmarks file and struck SAVE.

Backup Bookmark : Step Four

While accessing the currently conserved bookmarks, exact same steps need to be followed until step 3.
Step 5 :In step three after clicking on organize, just click import bookmarks as HTML file.

Repair Bookmarks : Step 5

After that discover already conserved bookmarks file, That's it. So now you'll see all bookmarks are restored.

It was pretty easy!. Appropriate?

Wait for more intriguing and fun guides/how to's and Hit subscribe now/bookmark this web site.

Step 4 : Backup Bookmarks Step 5 : correct Bookmarks

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