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Open bookmarks Chrome

It drove me crazy that Chrome does not have this lovely Firefox feature implemented (that they call "Bookmark keywords"). To recall the way the bookmark properties appear to be in Firefox and how effortlessly you are able to designate a keyword (shortcut) to it:

Firefox keyword area

In Firefox, now entering "mp" within the URL bar launched the precise site. As possible read within the internet, Chrome 52- does not have this simple function implemented and abuses the "search-engine" section with this.

Fortunate united states, there's a Chrome extension that can help to a certain extent: SiteLauncher (rate Dial). However, you can only assign one-letter to a bookmark, therefore limited - but this I happened to be performing in Firefox with 80 % of my main bookmarks.

Hope that will help all disappointed Chrome bookmark people.

And indeed, i've not quit my hope your Chrome designers core-implement the "keyword function" when you look at the upcoming variations.

Enhance 09/2016:

I just found the extension Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts) which nearly a solution. It can deal with one letter or combinations to open assigned bookmarks. Really the only issue: you simply cannot enter those combinations when you look at the URL bar. My workaround, CTRL + T for brand new loss, then TAB after that combination. It really works well!

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