Delicious Bookmarks 2.1.106

Delicious bookmarks

Web/social bookmarking application Fabulous is making it simpler locate and share bookmarks, adding timelines and label filtering to locate and fast mail and Twitter backlinks to each bookmark.

Whenever searching through tasty bookmarks, users should see (at some point these days) inline YouTube and Flickr thumbs and Yelp reviews and information to their bookmarks. Much more helpfully, it's simple to sort through confirmed time range utilizing date numbers or a timeline, and switch combinations of tags on or off when you look at the outcomes.

Tasty also added a "Fresh Bookmarks" tab to its webpage that displays the bookmarks and URLs getting the essential interest on Twitter recently, mashing up the two social solutions while maintaining the mostly spare and less noisy program of Fabulous. Specific bookmarks today provide for mailing or tweeting their particular URLs straight from link, once you add recipients into the "deliver" field in the shape of email addresses or your Twitter account.

The search upgrades particularly are a welcome enhance to a service numerous long-time users have actually crammed high in interesting links. Exactly what additional features would make Delicious more useful? Just what solutions have changed tasty in your web habits, if you're not any longer definitely bookmarking? Reveal your take in the remarks.

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