Add Google to Favorites

Change the purchase associated with the apps

To improve the position of an app:

  1. Mouse click and contain the software you intend to go.
  2. Pull it to a different place.
  3. Launch to place the app in an innovative new spot.
Remove an app
  1. Right-click the application you need to remove.
  2. Mouse Click Unpin.

Pin a webpage towards desktop

In the event that you go right to the exact same website frequently, you might like to pin it towards desktop.

  1. Open up the website in Chrome.
  2. Simply click More Even More tools.
  3. Simply Click Add.

Move or hide the row of apps

You are able to replace the place of the line of applications, also referred to as the shelf:

  1. Right-click the shelf.
  2. Point to Shelf position.
  3. Select in which you’d just like the shelf going: in the bottom regarding the display screen (default), or on the remaining or right side.

To cover the rack and condition area, right-click the shelf and select Autohide shelf. When they're hidden, go the pointer compared to that region of the screen to visit your applications, bookmarks, and account image.

To get rid of hiding the rack, right-click the rack and uncheck Autohide shelf.

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