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Export Internet Explorer Favorites

You’ve only learned your buddy has actually found digital photography, the exact same pastime you’re enthusiastic about. You have got amassed a sizable assortment of web sites and want to share the links. Here’s an easy way to email your preferences files.

From the File menu, select Import and Export.

The Import/Export options dialog package will ask, how will you want to export or transfer your browser configurations?

Select Export to a file. Click Then.

After that, you’ll be asked, just what do you need to export? Choose Favorites. Click After That.

You'll be instructed to choose the folder that you would like to export your favorites from.

Click Upcoming.

The after that prompt will ask, in which would you like to export your preferences? Type in or browse discover a place. I placed my file on Desktop, you could stick it anywhere you want.

Simply Click Export. Simply Click Finish.

So now you’ve developed a file of preferences. Compose an email and attach the file towards email before delivering it.

When the person gets the e-mail and clicks regarding the accessory, they might be asked to Choose the program you need to use to open this file. They need to select their particular internet browser (web browser, Firefox, etc.), or it might simply open up automatically inside their browser.

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