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How to backup ie Favorites?

Now all modern internet browsers let you to control, backup and restore your favorites or bookmarks. This post defines tips accomplish the job in Internet Explorer by take easy steps without using any 3rd party resources.

Import Export Favorites

It also helps you to definitely transfer and export preferences or bookmarks among various versions of ie
To Backup Favorites, simply proceed through these measures:

  1. Press ALT+F or visit File menu, click Import and Export… It will probably launch an Import and Export establishing wizard.
  2. Select Export to a file and click on Next.
  3. Today select preferences (you may also include Feeds and snacks and) and click on After that.
  4. On next thing, find the Favorites’s folder that you wish to just take backup and click on Following.
  5. Finally, find the destination and type the name of backup file and click on Finish. Whenever its done! all selected favorites will likely be saved in HTML file.

To Restore Favorites, only go through these tips:

  1. Choose Import from a file and then click on upcoming.
  2. On next move, find or browse the backup file and then click on upcoming.
  3. Eventually, find the destination folder (in which Favorites to-be restored) and then click on Finish.

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