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Safari bookmarks

Bookmark your favorite websites in order to rapidly revisit all of them.

Safari screen showing bookmarks in sidebar with one selected for modifying

See all of your bookmarks when you look at the sidebar:

Click the Sidebar option in the toolbar, then click the Bookmarks key . Or, choose Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks.

Include a bookmark the current website:

Click on the Share switch in toolbar, pick include Bookmark, after that pick a Bookmarks folder. Or, go the pointer throughout the target and search field, press and hold the One-Step include key that appears at the left end regarding the industry, after that pick a bookmarks folder from list.

Check out a bookmarked page:

Simply click it inside sidebar or pick it from Bookmarks selection.

Seek out a bookmark:

Enter text when you look at the search field towards the top of the sidebar. You may need to scroll up to reveal the search field.

Handle bookmarks in the sidebar:

Show the bookmarks sidebar (see above), after that do any of the after:

Add a brand new bookmarks folder: Control-click a bookmark in sidebar, then select New Folder through the shortcut menu.

Rearrange and content bookmarks and folders: Drag a bookmark or folder to a different area. To duplicate a bookmark, Option-drag it.

Edit a bookmark or folder name: Control-click it, then choose Rename from the shortcut selection. Or, press and hold the title until it’s highlighted, after that enter a brand new one.

Pull a bookmark: Command (⌘)-click bookmarks in sidebar to select them, then press Delete. Or, press and keep the bookmark’s name until it's highlighted, after that click on the eliminate option to the right of title.

Edit bookmarks in bookmarks view:

Mouse click Edit in the bottom of this bookmarks sidebar, or choose Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks.

Include a bookmarks folder: Click New Folder. Or, select one or more bookmarks, then Option-click New Folder to create a folder that contains the selected bookmarks.

Rearrange and content bookmarks: pull a bookmark or folder to some other area. To duplicate a bookmark, hold-down the possibility key although you drag it.

Edit a bookmark or folder title: choose a bookmark or folder, after that press Enter.

Remove bookmarks: Select bookmarks, then press Delete.

Use the Favorites club:

In the event that you show the preferences bar (choose View > Show Favorites Bar), can help you listed here on it:

Check out a bookmarked web page: Simply click it in preferences bar.

Include a bookmark for current page: click on the target and search area to show the page’s full target as well as its icon (or favicon), then pull the icon to the Favorites club.

Rearrange bookmarks and files: Drag a bookmark or folder to another place.

Edit a bookmark or folder title: Control-click the bookmark or folder within the Favorites club, after that pick Rename from shortcut selection. Or, hit and support the title until it's highlighted, then enter a fresh one.

Pull a bookmark: Drag it of the Favorites bar.

Safari uses iCloud to keep your bookmarks the exact same on your Mac computers and iOS products which have Safari turned-on in iCloud choices.

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