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Browser bookmark sync

Open monitoring of various devices

  • When you have a smart phone and a computer. You found a fascinating site on the smartphone or tablet, while wish to see it on a bigger display.
To be able to do this, these needs must be satisfied:
  1. You really need to have syncing allowed on your entire products.
To view tabs exposed on various other devices in Yandex.Browser:

Bookmarks on different devices

After enabling syncing, your web browser shows bookmarks off their products (computer system, tablet, smartphone).

  • Duplicates of bookmarks (pages with the same target) are combined. They are given the name associated with the bookmark that was synced with the server very first.
  • Bookmarks from different products are shown within the matching parts: Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone. Bookmarks from products of the same kind are combined into one list. If you have syncing allowed on two tablets and an iPhone, into the iPhone bookmarks you will notice the Tablet part aided by the combined bookmarks from both pills.

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