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Above you can see, yet again, the way I make use of my last-changed:1 stored search bookmark.

rawbytz’s WFcount bookmarklet

Another best part towards setup in this article is that you can now group your bookmarks and bookmarklets collectively within one location. A bookmarklet is like a bookmark that contains JavaScript rule that acts upon the loss you actually have open.

Here’s rawbytz’s WorkFlowy Count bookmarklet doing his thing. Just what I’m getting is a count of how many books I’ve sold in week 27. (WFcount can also count time!)

rawbytz’s WorkFindy bookmarklet

There was a chrome expansion for WorkFindy, but rawbytz in addition has produced a bookmarklet which you are able to simply take everywhere. This is exactly what it can: wherever you're in WorkFlowy, whenever you trigger this bookmarklet, a popup window will show up where you can enter your search phrase – that it's going to search WorkFlowy globally.

When you look at the under GIF you will see that if you highlight a tag, term or phrase before activating WorkFindy, WorkFindy will leap directly to the search from your own home web page:

Everything moderately

Today i mightn’t advise that you are going bookmark crazy. I’d reserve this setup for but a few specialized listings, conserved lookups and bookmarklets. Usually you’d be passing up on putting various other great navigational characteristics into practice. One particular example: List Title Tags.

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