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ff_books_restoreI’ve already been using Firefox full-time since 2003 or 2004, and also amassed a fairly large number of bookmarks. I’m in addition among those dudes just who regularly has 150+ tabs available across 3-4 Firefox windows.

Obviously, if you have many tabs open for a week, Firefox sometimes hog up a huge amount of RAM. So what I often do is bookmark most of the tabs in a single (or higher) window(s) by pressing a tab, choosing “Bookmark All Tabs” and saving the folder as “2012.09.17a” (or whatever the day is; the letter is when I have more than one screen to truly save). We conserve this in a bookmarks sub-folder called “Sessions”.

a strange thing happened recently: I was making use of Firefox with 100+ tabs available (as if you do) as soon as the Firefox screen instantly “blinked”, as though Microsoft windows was having difficulty redrawing the screen. I did son’t think most of it until a few momemts later, when I noticed that a huge chunk of my bookmarks were lacking! There hadn’t already been any mistake message or notification; the stuff ended up being just gone. I bookmarked three of my four open windows in my “Session” sub-folder, after that exported the rest of the bookmarks to an HTML file, and restarted Firefox… and my bookmarks remained missing.

Getting nearly all of my lacking bookmarks right back ended up being easy. Firefox keeps backups of your bookmarks, so all I'd to complete was start the bookmarks manager and select “Import and Backup” > repair and choose a single day prior to:

Although past day’s backup did not range from the session house windows I’d just bookmarked. We checked background > Recently shut Windows, nevertheless the windows I’d bookmarked only some mins before weren’t indeed there, only a couple of house windows We remembered shutting several days before.

The bookmarks for those of you three windows were “trapped” within the BOOKMARKS.HTML file I’d stored before I began all this work. Just how could I buy them right back?

Really, I could always open up an innovative new Firefox window, open up the BOOKMARKS.HTML file with this, and manually re-open each tab. But that appeared like a huge discomfort into the ass: I’d bookmarked three windows with 120+ tabs. Manually clicking each link within the BOOKMARKS.HTML file and saving it-all once again seemed laborious.

ff_books_htmlI could have also manually modified the BOOKMARKS.HTML file in a text editor. But once I launched the file in Notepad++, I found that it’s not really human-friendly:

So… how to handle it?

In a flash of motivation I was thinking from it: web browser! I unsealed A Microsoft Windows Explorer screen and developed a folder on my desktop computer called “Temp Faves”. I then went to the preferences folder within my profile (c:\users\&username&\Favorites) and moved the few IE bookmarks i must the temp folder back at my desktop. I then had IE import the bookmarks through the BOOKMARKS.HTML. Going back to the Windows Explorer window, we deleted most of the brand new “Favorites” aside from the “session files” I’d saved before this entire mess started. When I returned to Firefox’s bookmarks supervisor and informed it to “Import Data from Another Browser”, selecting only to transfer my IE preferences. Firefox imported all of them into a folder known as “Favorites from ie” (or something like that like that). Then I used Firefox’s bookmark manager to move those sub-folders with their rightful devote the “Sessions” folder of my bookmarks. When I removed the “Favorites from Internet Explorer” folder… and BOOM! Into the many roundabout of ways, I was straight back in which I'd been prior to!

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