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When Opera’s desktop internet browser moved to Google’s Blink rendering motor a year ago, additionally dropped numerous features, including bookmark syncing and its bookmarks club. The organization brought back syncing after a short while in accordance with today’s launch of Opera 19, it's also finally taking back once again the bookmarks bar.

Just what the internet browser remains missing, though, is a normal bookmarks menu. #facepalm

Unsurprisingly, Opera’s user base ended up being not pleased whenever bookmarks menu and bookmarks bar suddenly disappeared. Opera that its switch to the newest engine additionally suggested creating an innovative new native interface, so it just established with a simple set of tools. Considering that early variations of Opera showcased everything from multi-pane browsing to sidebar tabs and lots of various other goodies, the latest version came as very a shock to Opera’s tiny but devoted user base.

Throughout the last few variations, the group has-been adding brand-new functions once again, though considering that the business appears to be de-emphasizing the desktop internet browser, it continues to be to be noticed if it'll ever before make contact with becoming because feature-rich since it used to be.

The only various other brand new feature inside revision may be the capacity to change any image into an internet browser wallpaper for your motif.

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