Bookmarking a Page with Diigo

Bookmarking a Page


To quickly bookmark a page, simply navigate to the page, open up the Diigo toolbar (if it is not already available), and click the bookmark symbol. To bookmark a typical page with non-default settings click the symbol once more or click the word “Bookmark”. The bookmark options dialog will open.

Bookmarking Options

The bookmark choices dialog enables you to personalize every thing about he bookmark including just how it should be presented and arranged inside collection.


Near the the surface of the bookmark options dialog is a checkbox using label “Private”. When this field is examined, the bookmark will likely be visible and then you unless you choose to share it with others. If box is unchecked, the bookmark will likely be saved openly, permitting any Diigo user to see it.


It is possible to edit the bookmark name to anything you would really like. Many internet sites don't use descriptive games to their pages, therefore it would be useful to change the title to some thing you are going to quickly recognize and remember in your collection.


Including a description towards bookmark shall help you keep in mind why you bookmarked it, and it surely will serve as an explanation when sharing the bookmark with others.


Tags help you organize and filter items in your library. Consider tags as labels for group and subject similar to a proper collection. It is possible to form your very own tags or visit the tags that appear below the tag entry box to incorporate all of them.

Utilized Last

Tags you purchased commonly or recently can look slightly below the tag entry package. This can be helpful when building a specific collection because it is easy to tag those items you’re obtaining with matching labels.


Recommended tags will show words which are often duplicated inside webpage you are bookmarking. Including, articles about technology utilize the word “technology” frequently, therefore it should be a recommended label.

Much More Alternatives

Mouse click “More choices” to access the less widely used functions.

Study Later

Check “Read Later” to truly save the web page inside collection as unread. In this manner you can easily make sure to review articles as well as other website pages that you don’t currently have time for.

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