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This particular feature is now an element of the stable type of Chrome and doesn’t require enabling any hidden flags to utilize. Simply find a tab playing sound — you’ll see a speaker signal left associated with the “x” on tab itself. Right-click the tab and choose “Mute Loss.”

The sound indicator will consider a crossed-out presenter symbol, informing you the tab isn’t allowed to play sound. Right-click it once again and select “Unmute Tab” to improve your option.

You could do this preemptively. Right-click any loss and you’ll manage to pick “Mute Tab, ” preventing sound from playing on that loss before it begins.

Remember that, unlike the way in which this particular aspect worked when it was behind a concealed banner, you can’t just click the speaker symbol to mute and unmute an internet browser loss. Google ended up being demonstrably concerned individuals would unintentionally click this, muting their tabs being perplexed. Chrome developers argued against enabling this automagically and just did so until Apple pulled the trigger in Safari.

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