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Transfer bookmarks from one computer to another

How do you save the bookmarks from your administrator account to a regular account? Here are some steps which will help you to deal with several accounts.

Do you need to export and import your Bookmarks file and Favorites? The simplest way to transfer one account into another is to use a flash drive. It depends on your web browser. Make sure you are logged in the Administrative account with the bookmarks you need to export.

It`s very simple to understand how this system works on the example of SharePoint Consulting team. Like Sharepoint Services at EntranceConsulting make possible to integrate different systems with each other helping teams to get more оut of their investments through increаsed usеr adоption and building out new functionalite, a flash drive helps to integrate Administrative account with regular one.

But for every professional organization, whether it is personnel or software, it`s necessary to get a clear task. So, now it`s important to understand what you would like to export. The choice of folder depends on it. Choose the top Favorites folder to export preferences from all files.

Then answer yourself what is the place you what to save your bookmarks in. When the task is completed, log off of the Admin account, then log to your standard account.

Follow the same steps, being convinced that you browse into flash drive which you wish import from.

In Firefox, to go Bookmarks, Show all Bookmarks.

After that click Import and Backup, and choose Backup. Save the file in the flash drive.

Log off and log inwith your Standard account. Open up Firefox, stick to the actions above, but mouse click repair and select file. Browse towards file and dual click it.

In Chrome, choose Menu, then Bookmarks, then Bookmark Manager.

Then click Organize, then Export Bookmarks to HTML file. Save your file in flash drive.

Sign off and log in with your Standard account. Open Google Chrome, click Menu, Bookmarks, Import Bookmarks and configurations.

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