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Google Chrome bookmarks toolbar

condense-bookmarks-01Do you need to maximize efficient use of the room in Chrome’s Bookmarks Toolbar? You will decrease the bookmarks to icons with just a couple of minutes work.

Note: you could or may not want to do some reorganizing together with your bookmarks before-hand.

Condensing the Bookmarks

In the event your web browser is anything like ours it hasn't taken long to refill your Bookmarks Toolbar. Accessing the drop-down area frequently through the day just isn't too fun.

The bookmarks would be the simplest section of your collection to condense. Right-click for each bookmark and choose “Edit…” to start the Edit Bookmark Window.

Erase the writing, click OK, and you are done.

You still have an useable bookmark that looks good and uses up almost no space.

These are our bookmarks through the first screenshot above…no problems with accessing all of them today. In just a few minutes work you can have an attractive and small Bookmarks Toolbar.

condense-bookmarks-02 condense-bookmarks-04

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